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The art of public speaking with authentic and meaningful storytelling can change and even save a life. Learn how to get up on a big stage and share your important message through the lens of award winning director, Tricia Brouk.

She shares her personal experience of being on big stages all over the world and interviews people who talk for a living and gets them to reveal their secrets on how to become a successful public speaker and have lasting legacy.

Tricia has put thousands of speakers onto countless big stages. Guests of The Big Talk have included Stedman Graham, John Lee Dumas, Hap Klopp, Darieth Chisolm and Farnoosh Torabi among others.

Nov 29, 2022

How to Start Rethinking the American Dream

In today’s episode, I am so excited to introduce you to Monica Harris - an inspiring activist, author, and attorney.


Monica graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She was a business affairs executive in the entertainment industry, and enjoyed the money and perks that many think accompany “success.” Then, 12 years ago, she had an epiphany. 


She realized she was making more money each year, yet struggling to maintain her lifestyle. In 2011, she and her partner moved their family to Montana to pursue a more sustainable life. 


She still practices law, but when she looks up from her desk, she sees Douglas firs, white-tailed deer, and the occasional moose.  It took her nearly forty years to unplug, but she’s hoping that, together, we can do it a lot faster.


In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Monica’s realization that she was chasing an American dream that no longer existed and the massive changes she made as a result
  • Letting go of illusions and what you think your life should look like
  • How to start rethinking the American dream and redefining what it means for you 
  • The way Monica is using her voice and living her life now
  • Monica’s current favorites: Book: The Celestine Prophecy, Speaker: Martin Luther King, Jr., and Podcast: Hidden Brain

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