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The art of public speaking with authentic and meaningful storytelling can change and even save a life. Learn how to get up on a big stage and share your important message through the lens of award winning director, Tricia Brouk.

She shares her personal experience of being on big stages all over the world and interviews people who talk for a living and gets them to reveal their secrets on how to become a successful public speaker and have lasting legacy.

Tricia has put thousands of speakers onto countless big stages. Guests of The Big Talk have included Stedman Graham, John Lee Dumas, Hap Klopp, Darieth Chisolm and Farnoosh Torabi among others.

Apr 30, 2024

This week, I am in conversation with two amazing women, Holiday Mathis and Friday Jones.


Holiday Mathis writes the syndicated daily horoscope column for hundreds of newspapers worldwide, including The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. She is also a multi-platinum songwriter whose songs have been recorded by...

Apr 23, 2024

People ask me all the time how I get everything done. They’re always commenting on how busy I am. And the truth is, I’m not busy. Busyness is a waste of time. 


What I am is highly organized and productive. I’m also a highly creative and artistic person. I’ve spent decades dancing and performing on big stages....

Apr 19, 2024

Today, I’m super excited to share a big talk from my 2023 Speaker Salon Showcase. This talk was given by the amazing Dr. Kristen Szabla, Ph.D. 


Kristen has over a decade of experience as a neuroscientist specializing in the neural circuitry mediating fear and depression. 


As a survivor of incest and commercial...

Apr 16, 2024

In this episode, I am joined by Speaker’s Salon alum Dr. Parul Dua Makkar. I had the honor of mentoring Parul during her time inside the Speaker’s Salon, and I can’t wait for you to hear her incredible showcase talk that’s coming in Episode 597.


Parul is an award-winning General Dentist, Speaker, and Owner of...

Apr 9, 2024

In this super special solo episode, I answer another question from my amazing community of speakers and thought leaders. This week’s question was all about my journey as an entrepreneur and how I use entrepreneurship as a way of personal leadership.


This episode will inspire you to embrace leadership in your own...