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Tricia Brouk draws on her experience as a writer, director, choreographer in theater, film and television to help bring your life-changing speech into focus.
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Feb 20, 2018

Many speakers understand the power of stories, but what is the goal of storytelling? Our guest today believes it’s all about transformation and giving the audience an experience. In this interview, you’ll learn practical ways to organize and select your stories, as well as other incredible tips to engage your audience. 

Feb 15, 2018

What is the best way to connect with your audience? Our guest today shares an unconventional answer: becoming vulnerable with your audience helps you connect in a powerful way. She also offers tips to help you become more vulnerable and effective in your speaking. 


Feb 13, 2018

Do you want to take your speaking to the next level? Our guest today shares how he does this by engaging multiple senses and using the power of music and film. You’ll come away with ideas and inspiration to make your own talks more effective and create a unique experience for your audience. 

Feb 8, 2018

When you are speaking, it’s easy to be distracted by various concerns and not be truly present with your audience. Today’s guest reminds us that we need to own our moments, be present with the audience, and be in the room with who is in the room. 

Feb 6, 2018

Do you speak because you have authority, or do you speak in order to gain authority? Today’s guest reflects on what it means to develop authority as well as practical ways to go about it. 

Feb 1, 2018

As a speaker, your ego sometimes stands front and center and creates chatter that makes it harder to be effective. Today’s speaker shares practical guidance for getting your ego out of the way by surrendering, becoming more authentic, and forgiving yourself. 

Jan 30, 2018

As a speaker, it’s not enough to have great content. You must also be prepared to deliver that content in a compelling way each and every time. Today’s guest shares practical strategies for preparing for a talk so you can deliver an exceptional experience for your audience. 

Jan 25, 2018

It is easy to plow through a talk that you have delivered before. But is that what will serve the audience best? Today’s guest will help you understand why every talk must be relevant to the specific audience. She also shares lots of practical tips for putting your audience first and connecting with them. 

Jan 23, 2018

You may deliver the same talk numerous times, but no two audiences are the same. Today’s guest will help you grasp the importance of understanding your audience and what they need. She also shares practical ways to engage with your audience and receive feedback to make your talk even better. 

Jan 18, 2018

What does an audience truly want from a talk? It’s not just about information—they crave an experience. Today’s guest reveals why it’s vital to connect with your audience instead of phoning it in, and practical ways to create a great experience for them. 

Jan 16, 2018

The best way to serve your audience is to prepare thoroughly for your talk. We know that preparation is important, but what does it specifically mean? Our guest today breaks down her preparation process and shares lots of practical tips that will help you better connect with your audience. 

Jan 11, 2018

When we think about sharing our story with an audience, it’s tempting to focus on the “successful” parts. But today’s guest helps us see that sharing our whole selves, and our whole story, is the best way to impact an audience. 

Jan 9, 2018

What is the best way to connect with your audience? Is it by promoting yourself as an expert and master of our topic? Our guest today will help you see the counter-intuitive wisdom of impacting your audience by being vulnerable and sharing your story

Jan 4, 2018

We often think of public speaking as delivering information to our audience. But it’s much more than that. Today’s guest will help you understand how to give more generously to both your audience as well as those in need. 

Jan 2, 2018

We know that success doesn't usually come quickly or easily. But what does it actually take to create a thriving business based on your passion? Our guest today reminds us that success involves a lot of hard work, but it's also a lot of fun if we approach it correctly.

Dec 28, 2017

Many people believe that success happens only when you can present a perfect version of yourself and your content to the world. Our guest today, shows us that the opposite is true. He reveals how we rob ourselves of our best work, and what to do about it.

Dec 26, 2017

You've written, rehearsed and prepared to give a big talk. But delivering your talk is not the end, it's just the beginning. Today's guest reveals how to leverage your big talk to create multiple income streams and accelerate your success.

Dec 21, 2017

Although a book and a big talk are two different ways of reaching people, a great outline can make both easier and more effective. Today’s guest will show you how to use an outline as the basis for each one. You will also learn why both a book and a talk are so vital for building your platform.

Dec 19, 2017

How does a person become an effective and influential speaker? Is it all about strategy? Connections? Authority? Popularity? Today’s guest reveals that the secret is much simpler: to become a speaker, you must first learn to be an audience. You learn why empathy, listening, and developing a touch-point with people are vital keys to becoming a great speaker.

Dec 14, 2017

Artists, speakers, and authors often battle the "resistance", the term author Steven Pressfield uses to describe the forces that work against our creativity. Today’s guest shares how he has taken action to overcome Resistance and build his speaking and writing career while impacting thousands of lives.

Dec 12, 2017

Success in writing a book or crafting a big talk doesn’t come by accident. Our guest today reveals tips and strategies for approaching your book or big talk in a structured process that will help you make purposeful progress toward your goals.

Dec 7, 2017

Your book or big talk won’t create itself — you must make time to bring it into existence. But with so many distractions in your life, how is this possible? Today’s guest reveals several strategies for being productive and protecting your most valuable asset: time. In addition, she shares how writing and speaking can impact your business.

Dec 5, 2017

Do you wait to take action until you feel completely ready? Today’s guest will challenge you to dive in and realize that taking action is the most important part of achieving your dreams.

Nov 30, 2017

In the push and pull of everyday life, and the endless choices we have as creative entrepreneurs, it's tempting to lose sight of your call. Today's guest will share her story of listening and staying true to her call, and challenge you to do the same.

Nov 28, 2017

It's easy to feel pressure to copy another author or speaker's success. After all those strategies worked for them - why couldn't they work for you? Today's guest reminds us that it's vital to be your authentic self and find what works for you instead of trying to be someone else.

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